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Terms Of Use
Member Requirements

All members of 4K AVE must have a valid Credit/Debit Card. You or anyone using your login information will be responsible for any activity on the Site. Members must refrain from any form of illegal activity. Illegal activity will be determined at our discretion, if in doubt Chat or Email for clarification. Members are also responsible for the Prepaid Return Envelopes, Sleeves and Inserts. If the Prepaid Return Envelope is lost or misplaced. The Member will pay to Mail back Disc(s) via Shipping with Tracking or Regular Stamps.

Payment & Billing

Membership payments will be paid via Recurring Billing (Subscription) each Month on the date service was started. Complete and accurate information must be submitted in order for your Membership to be processed instantly. All Members are anyone using a 4K AVE Membership will be responsible for any Movies rented.

Lost or Damage

If a Movie is Lost or determined to be Damaged/Broken due to user abuse, the Member will be charged a $27 Replacement Fee.

Delivery & Return

4K AVE Rentals will be delivered & returned via the U.S. Postal Service First Class Mail or Priority Mail (USPS). Once a Rental is returned the next available disc in the Member's online Rental Queue is shipped in accordance with our normal Mailing process. Postage is prepaid each way. The time it takes for a 4K AVE Rental to be delivered or returned via USPS depends on several factors, including circumstances affecting service times of the USPS (example, holidays or inclement weather), 4K AVE makes no guarantees with respect to 4K / UHD delivery times. Email notifications will be sent when your selections have been Mailed and when your returned Movies have been received.


Memberships can be cancelled at any time but are non-refundable and the Account is closed immediately. If you choose to cancel your Membership, all Movies must be returned before cancellation can be completed.

4K AVE Information

Movies are currently Mailed from Anna, Texas

4K AVE reserves the right to revise these Terms of Use with or without notice.